Monday, November 19, 2012

Farewell to a four legged friend: Sage the dog has moved on.

Ever vigilant for evil squirrels

Rock star singer
So I am not known as a dog person.  I grew up with dogs.  A lot of them in fact.  My father was really into hunting and training dogs.  A trait that was passed on to my brother who to this day hunts with one of the best darn dogs in the business.  However my lifestyle and my traveling is not conducive to hounds.  Because of that I have had to live my life vicariously through other folks dogs.  Many of which, to be honest just annoy the heck out of me.  Like I said, I grew up with dogs, disciplined dogs!

With all that said, Sage was by far one of my favorite dogs out there.  Kind and courteous to a fault, for the most part loved to stay close and hang with the crew and of course had the best singing voice of all dogs, at least that I know.  You could just utter a wisp of a note and Sage was in for the howl and it was always fun to get her rolling.  She did it all think.  Paddling, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and I know she was truly a real friend to Ryan and Sherry and I am guessing they miss her pretty badly right now.

My favorite Sage moment was actually on the trip that these two shots are from.  It was a paddle up to the BWCA and I think we went into Mountain and Rose lakes.  I think it was there because to get there you have to paddle part of South Fowl lake and to do that you cruise down a long sluggish and Wild Rice choked stream.  Well, Sage had had enough and decided to hop out of the boat and swim it.  It was like watching a giant ball of cotton hit the water.  Her thick husky coat just floated her like a PFD and she swam that full mile just behind the canoes like she was supposed to do it that way.

In any case, here is to Sage.  You were an example that other dogs will have a hard time living up to and we will all miss you back here, I can only assume you are singing with the best of them right now.....


monty j said...

Thanks for posting these fond memories Hansi..It means a ton to my family!!! She will be missed near and far...Cheers buddy!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Bill and just want to say thanks for posting this.

I love my dog and it makes me happy to see all is good in the world.

If you ever find yourself in the Finger Lake region of NYS look me up, I'd love to go for a mtb ride with you...