Monday, November 05, 2012

Frozen out: Deer Hunting 2012 Bigfork, MN

Crystal Clear Morning

ATB:  All Terrain Boat!  Loaded for adventure.  Two guns (rifle for deer, shotgun for ducks) deer stand, extra gear etc.

Looks like water right?  Not.  Its ice and enough to stop you.
Yesterday I broke down the stand a bit early to make sure I could get home on time.  Since I was down early I decided to watch the sunset over some decoys and see if I could bring home some more fat mallards.  The morning however had been seriously quiet on the waterfowl side and I had my suspicions that something had changed.  The sky felt empty, like something had moved on.

My suspicious thoughts were justified when I dropped in on a few spots after lunch.  All the small ponds and rivers were totally iced in with about a half inch of extremely clear and smooth ice.  The Wild Rice was frozen solid.  The food source that was keeping the waterfowl around was closed for the season and they had moved south.

It was really interesting to experience that.  To watch the ducks come through, then to see them leave.  It means winter is here, this place is so cold and so inhospitable come winter, that the waterfowl just leave, they cant survive.  It felt like being left behind and part of me had to wonder what we are truly getting ourselves into up here during the winter.....

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Vito said...

Wonderful post and wonderful thoughts on winter and why we choose to venture north in such harsh conditions. As always love the photos and hearing or reading your perspective on life in the Northwoods. Thanks for sharing:)