Friday, November 16, 2012

Horse thievery: Salsa visit Fall 2012

  Piedmont overlook shot: Photo by Gnat, Salsa Bikes

Spirit Mountain Flow Trail:  Photo by Gnat Salsa Bikes
So this is what I am talking about!

Watch this killer video on the new Salsa Horsethief bike.  The footage alternates from Salida CO and Moab UT to Duluth, MN.  Those are some huge destinations to be associated with in the world of off road cycling.

Earlier this fall the Salsa Cycling Marketing team came to myself and to Tim Ek (Duluth Ripper and Salsa athlete) asking a favor and that was to tour them around what we have for mountain biking in the Zenith City.

It was really fun for both Eki and I to see the reactions of other folks to the amount and quality of riding we have here in Duluth.  It was no real surprise to us and specifically to me.  I do this stuff for a living, but it is really gratifying to see the results in print.

To me this is what drives more great cycling. The cycling industry, advocacy and grassroots change are symbiotic.  The groups that are truly driving the edge as to high quality trails are going to be seeing more and more of this intertwining and it speaks volumes to what Duluth has. To have had Salsa put their time and effort and cash into showcasing their products here is like the canary in the cage as to what is coming.....and believe me we have not even started with what is truly coming.

We saw a similar relationship with Trek at Copper Harbor in this video and it really helped drive up CHTC's attendance over the season, as well as add integrity to the place as a true destination for Mountain biking.

Salsa bringing their crew to Duluth will do a very similar thing for COGGS and the Duluth Traverse.  Not only does Salsa get to put their product on some gorgeous trail and showcase it doing what it does best, the Duluth Traverse trail and COGGS are in turn showcased as well.

So thanks to Salsa for coming up and experiencing out trails and in turn influencing what is to come, and also congrats to COGGS for what they are doing in creating destination quality trails in our community!

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pmac said...

Makes me wicked homesick for raging the epic tracks at Piedmont!!

I just had a fellow telling me about the trail from Monte La Sal mts to Moab at the Iceman; sounds like it's worth a road trip!