Monday, November 05, 2012

Images from the deer stand: Deer Hunting 2012 Bigfork, MN

Wake up!

This one is for all the deer hunters out there...the ever present Nuthatch.  Keeps you awake, keeps you entertained.

Heading south

Sunset through the woods on the walk out.
So as my other post mentioned.  I am canoeing to my stand.  I am canoeing in during the pitch dark, through partially frozen Wild Rice rivers, ducks flushing in the stillness.  The first morning it was dumping snow and if I turned my head lamp on I could barely see due to the fat flakes slapping me in the face.  The second morning it was 19 degrees and the ice was sloshing around my boat, sounding like a million mixed drinks.  The moon and stars were so bright I did not need a headlamp and could navigate with no problem.  Once in the stand I was overlooking a high ridge.  On one side of me I could see the river itself, on the other I had a wide valley, partially logged to watch over.  During the days I watched flock after flock of geese, ducks and swans fly literally under my stand.  At one point I was certainly thinking I should toss the rifle and just grab the shotgun and have a go at them instead of the deer!

I also have to say that I have a new lens in my life.  A 70-200 EF.  I have no idea how to use it yet, but I brought it along and shot some stuff with it.  The Swan in the post was hanging around my canoe when I walked out on the first night.  It was nearly dark and yet that lens was so fast that I was able to bring home an image.  My two days on the stand were wonderful.  Red neck meditation.  At one point a full pack of wolves opened up around me and I almost fell out of the stand from the surprise.

The first day out I saw more animals than I think I have ever seen while hunting.  But I did not see a deer.  That did not surprise me as there are not a lot of deer in that part of the state.  However on the second day it hit pay dirt.  A small buck came straight through the spot where I thought a deer might and while I let it pass, I felt that I was successful.  I had found a wonderful spot to hunt, had seen literally no other hunters (the only access to this spot is via boat) and in a world where there are few deer, had one walk straight into my set up.  Victory.


Steve said...

Nice deer hunt journey starts next week here in Wiscony. Can relate to so much of what you wrote here.

Kid Riemer said...

Nice photo set.