Monday, November 05, 2012

Images of Deer Camp 2012: Fairview Cabin, Bigfork MN

Fairviews front yard

A good place to come back to after a long day on the stand
My family has had a cabin in the Chippewa National Forest since the early 1930's.  In Minnesota terms it is pretty far north.  For a long time my grandfather and his family hunted this region during the deer season.  However the number of deer trumped family tradition later in the life and instead of hunting in the great deerless woods of the north, gramps started coming south to where deer are as common as crows.

Now I live close to the cabin we call Fairview and it is really easy for me to head over for the opening weekend of deer season and hunt with my Uncle George.  The past few seasons we actually headed to Hackensack but due to access issues and other things, we decided that for the ease of having the cabin so close and also so close to so much public land that we should go there this season.  To me, the cabin has so much family history, tradition, lore and comfort, it was an easy thing to say yes to.  Now the deer hunting itself?  That is another post.


Vito said...

I would be there every weekend deer or no deer. What a treasure to have in the family. That would be my dream retirement home:)

Rich said...

What lake near Big Fork? Have a place on NorthStar near Marcell. Always enjoy playing Green Cheese on KAXE on Saturday nights. Keep up the good work with your blog