Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things we lost in the flood: Thomson, MN and St. Louis River Flood 2012

Flood damage to brookie stream

Stream just before June Flooding

Typical brookie before flood

More stream damage
We are just learning what we truly lost in the flood earlier this summer.  As the winter comes on and the foliage dies off you can finally start to get a sense of the damage.  You can see the wounds that the earth has sustained and they are impressively deep.  My favorite stream is no exception.  The amount of water that surged through the watershed must have been insane.  The stream is completely blown out.  Holes that once had great structure are completely filled with sand.  Large amounts of streambank are just gone and of course now in the watershed.  Hundreds of trees are leaning into the water, many having torn out the bank with them.  Debris is choking the water.

I am usually pretty mum about where I fish and I am going to be the same on this post although many people may recognize the stream if they are local.  This was my number one brookie stream in the area. It was close, accessible and full of great fishing.  I can honestly say I am in mourning on this one.  Most of the flood damage has been a bitter sweet situation.  Destruction on a grand scale, which is lamentable, yet a changed landscape that offers new recreational opportunities.  This stream is not the case, it has changed for sure, but it is obvious that currently it is not for the better...

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NorthStarNerd said...

Sad. I live over by Amity Creek and Lester River. My Fall trail running is also letting me see damage to these two waterways which was much greater than I had realized.