Monday, December 03, 2012

Briggs old Granary and scenes from the Farm: Briggs Outdoors Deer Hunt 2012

Late 1800's Granary on Briggs farm

Interior Shot and old plow 
Somebody is still using this!

Fine example of Norwegian craftmanship!!!

Barn wood detail

Stashed for later

Barn wood detail

The Briggs farm was started by a Norwegian family in the 1800's.  The history here is remarkable and a great place to connect with it, is in the old Granary.  It has been obviously shored up over the generations but the original infrastructure is still there.  The beams are rough hewn and notched and pegged together.  Many of the old nails are still around from later years and they are square and old school looking.  On the farm is also an old gravesite of the original owner of the farm.  We often walk by it on our way to the stands.  After spending some time in his Granary I often utter a silent hello as I stride by.  I bet he would be happy to know that after a 100 years it is still standing strong on his original frame.

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