Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Backstory: Japanese Fat Bike Photo 2012

BIG in Japan

The boys
So this is pretty cool.  First off thanks to Jason Boucher and Mike Reimer for pulling me into this.  Last season, as most of us remember was a horrible winter.  However it was ideal for Fat perfect.  The Res was totally frozen with just enough snow to need a Fat Bike but also just a little so it was super fast and really fun.  Salsa, was looking for a place to host several Japanese retailers and journalists for a Snow ride.  Of course there was not a lick of snow anywhere south of Thomson, so we lucked out and were the place to host them.  It was truly a fun day.

 Perfect conditions, really fun folks and to have it remembered in a mag is pretty awesome.  Hard to see, but the inset photo is of me as well, riding through the rapids on the Upper St. Louis.  You can see the original post on this ride right here.... Crazy to think that Thomson, MN is in an Japanese catalog or magazine.  Light years away from the chaos and destruction that the flood wrought only a few months later.

 Now the big question is this, how do I get a copy!

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