Sunday, December 30, 2012

T-Res Tour Winter 2012: Fat Bike Freedom


Fisherman's friends.  Claw your way to safety (as you float on your fat assed tires!)

Braap!! Braaaaap!!

This one is for Gaddo....

Stellars and Hoars....

No rocks are safe

Da boys

The moon
Elbow room

Sauna time.  No better way to end a perfect day on the bike
When I was 14 (and that was a long time ago) I bought my first mountain bike.  It was a Schwinn High Sierra.  Bad ass.  I truly thought I could ride anywhere and I tried to.  That bike broke every day.  I went to my local Schwinn dealer so much that finally at one point the owner of the shop had to sit me down and actually tell me that I COULD NOT ride anywhere.  Well that dude was wrong ( I thought so--gnashes teeth) and winter fat biking has proven that to me.

Total freedom on a bike is a heady experience.  It occurs to me that Fat Biking's dirty little secret is that you dont want a LOT of snow, what you want is a minimum of snow and lot of ice.  Endless miles of it.  Safe thick ribbons of it.  Slap about 3 inches of snow on that and you have wild riding at its best.

Have a foot of snow and your grooming.  An insane experience in itself, I think that the Marquette boys have this nailed, because they have would groom a ton too if you were getting a foot of lake effect snow a week as well.  But we are not.  Instead we are getting optimal conditions for unmitigated winter cycling travel.  Point and shoot.  I am cool with that, I will take mine fully organic if I have to.

It has been interesting to see the evolution of off road cycling over the years.  I am loving the fully dialed, pro built trails that are being created for summer use.  Places like Copper Harbor, or the new trail at Spirit Mountain.  Those trails are things of beauty, however I have to say it is so great to see that in the winter I am able to light off and ride nearly uninhibited, to go back to 14 and my first bike, to giggle like an adolescent getting away with something he shouldn't.

Thanks to Rudy, Eric, Carl and Tom for taking the time to ride today.  It was amazing, our tour had it all.  Huge open expanses on the River, plunging falls, hollow cracking ice (I, the camera man went through the most) and ripping single track at Tom's place.  Followed of course with a smoking hot sauna and a cold, cold beer.

  I have a ton of great shots of the day, it did occur to me that Rudy tends to get the most love from the lens, but I am realizing that it not just because Rudy is a killer rider, because Eric is as well, it more likely is that Rudy is a ripping rider who always wears bright colors!


Eco-Docks said...

Photo's look awesome. I don't have a fat tire bike at the moment, but I'm getting very close to purchasing one.Looks as though it would e a blast. Keep the photo's coming they are great.

Vito said...

That looks absolutely awesome! Your images as always are beautiful and thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!!!

Trailpatrol said...

Great photos Hansi! I just posted a similar piece from IMBA on the patrol's FB page. I am going to sub your picture of the ice picks for the one I cut from Sportsman's Warehouse. Full credit given.
Ride safe,