Monday, December 10, 2012

We are Laughing: Duluth, MN 2012

Park Point, Duluth MN

If you live in Duluth, Minnesota right now, you should be laughing your ass off.  

Case in point.  This afternoon I had an hour to get out and play.  My office is on Canal Park, that is basically downtown for you non-locals.  Epi-center of people etc.  As I was working, in the back of my mind I was going through the choices.....yes choices.  I could swing over and nordic ski one of four Piston Bully groomed, track set systems...all groomed within a morning of the last snowfall.  Or I could swing my leg over my Fat Bike and get a long beach ride in, on a beach virtually to myself.  

I chose the ride as it was literally out my door.  On the ride I realized that there was no wind, yet totally perfect surf and out on the water were four or five SUP folks, riding picture perfect waves.  My arms ached for my kayak.  On the way back to the office as I was crossing over the Lift Bridge, I looked out on a perfect sunset and saw Spirit Mountain, lights on and bathed in the sun.  I could have gone there too, ripped fast groomers and rode the new high speed quad, which literally makes skiing there worth it.  

As I pedaled back to my office I laughed and laughed....what a place, what a time to live here!  We have it all and a City Government that gets being outside as well. Plus a new Brew Pub, a new sweet coffee house and all the other killer places that were here before... Duluth locals, this is the Golden age, it is going to get better, but right now you should be laughing too.....


Bill Gange said...

Copy that buddy.... Great day to be a Duluthian! Thanks for the slap in the face on how good we have it here in the Northland.

MrDaveyGie said...

A little south of you. Me and the Fat Tires are waiting for a blizzard.

Vito said...

Wonderful place to live and visit. Oh, how I miss the North Country.
I'm excited to get up to ride Park Point and visit the new brewhouse.