Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fleeing South for some winter

High quality American made junk
First skis of the season
Great entertainment after skiing at the FRFF
Trying to wake the trout up!!
Snow cones

Tae working the table
Frozen River Film Festival kids activities were great!
And repeat!
Thus is the weirdness of this winter that it is actually better to drive south to find a frosty experience than north.  I had the pleasure of grabbing the family and heading to Winona to participate in our first Frozen River Film Festival.  The weekend had it all.  Early morning winter trout fishing (a new experience for me) Nordic skiing at St. Mary's College and of course watching some really interesting films with my family.  Lots of great times, good beers and cultural interactions.  Of course I also hauled the snow bike and had a great ride on a few snow mobile trails as well!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011-2012 the winter of my discontent

Picking sticks
It is sad but true.  For the first time since I can remember, I have not actually picked up a pair of skis and fired them in anger yet. Normally I am skiing by early November.

 There has literally been NO snow in our area.  I have no time to drive for it and too little cash to pay for it.  So the snow bike has been the weapon of choice.  However this week I am on the road and because of that I am hoping to stomp some of my first klicks of the season.  Funny, my life has been defined by skiing but as the weather shifts I can sense change in the air.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 IMBA Staff Week Boulder, CO

Valmont Bike Park

IMBA staff digs in

Breakfast meetings

Single track office!

To the future of mountain biking

Gotta love Boulder.

Valmont Bike Park

I spent the week at International Mountain Bicycling Associations HQ in Boulder, CO.  It is so great to be working with such a solid crew of folks and such a vibrant, young and passionate crew at that.  Big things have been happening for IMBA over the past three years and there looks to be nothing but success in sight.  Keep up the good work IMBA!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dancing in the Dragons Teeth: Fat Biking the Dalles of the St.Louis River

Infinite Playground
Its actually a teeter totter..

Hopping and hoping

Big tires, big thoughts

Dancing with the dragons teeth

Its whats underneath that is the question

Self portrait


No swimming
There is no doubt that fat tires and fat bikes are giving me access to shots and adventures I never would have thought possible.  This weekend, Rudy, Dave, Eric and I set off to check out the Dalles of the St.Louis River just out my front door.  In the past I have actually skate skied this section of river but with the weird winter, the bike riding is nearly perfect.  It was great to be in such a special place with some great riders.  Rudy stole the show with some great trials riding and thus won the lens prizes for sure.  After each new experience the mind wanders onto other interesting spots I have wanted to access...hmm where to next?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day of the doomed wheel

 I had one of those days today.  I have been hauling my bike to work in the hopes that things would slow down enough to actually get out and knock off a classic Park Point Beach ride.  Conditions are perfect, frozen ice and sand so it is fast and really fun.  Most the folks around here with a Fat Bike have done this at one point or another.  For me though, this is literally out the door of IMBA Midwest HQ, so it is a perfect lunch ride.  The ride was killer and after a really hectic day of meetings and work, I was stoked to get out and blow off some steam.

Unfortunately driving on my way home my make shift hauling system on my Trailer Hitch rack busted loose and my rear wheel sagged low enough on the rack to be half dragging at 80mph down the highway.  It was dark so I was not able to see it.  I got out of my car at home to see a mangled rear rim and shredded tire.  So now I am an addict with no gizmo to get my jones out on.....crazy how you can love something so much and then just watch it go poof!  Who knows when I will get this rig rolling again but I can tell you I am going to miss it..

Bay side going up
The doomed Pug wheel, may it rest in pieces

Harbor side going home

Monday, January 02, 2012

Midway River tour: News Years Day Ride

Midway River,  Thomson, MN
New Years day I found myself in an interesting conundrum.  Over night we had a blustery and powerful system come through MN.  Of course it brought snow, but not quite enough for good skiing in our area and perhaps too much to ride the fat bike.  However I had a standing ride with my buddy Matt Evingson, AKA the "Red Squirrel" and due to an injury he can ride but cant ski.

Normally, I would be the guy with the rock skis ripping the ugliest coverage  but I decided to brave the 4 or 5 inches of wet snow and head out on the bike.  We had 30-40 MPH gusts and some interesting experiences.  Eventually we settled on riding up and down the Midway River.  It of course turned out to be a great day, which you knew it would, once you got your ass out the door.  Sauna followed and that was well deserved.  I realize I have been posting a lot of shots of my neighborhood, but right now its where I am spending the most time so I expect I will have a bunch more coming....