Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Danimal: Copper Harbor one year on.

Downwind Dan

Ski detail DWD memorial bench

A good place
One year ago this week the UP MTB community lost a great character.  Down Wind Dan AKA The Danimal.  It was a sudden and tragic loss of a person that was gregarious, optimistic and adventurous.  I am not much for memorials and have often thought about the value of such a practice but yesterday on my ride in Copper Harbor I came blowing by the new DWD memorial.  I was immediately struck by memories, emotion and a sense of calm and introspection.  I had to stop and linger for a few minutes and it was fairly emotional, in a good way.

 The spot was perfect.  Not only was the bench on a ski run and  MTB trail in a region that Dan had ripped on often, it was also a spot to dwell, to chill and hang out.  All things that Dan would have done in spades there, I can almost see him there, maybe at somebody else's memorial, being irreverent, taking in the view, speaking about the upcoming descent and pulling on his gloves to get ready to hit it.

As DWD would have said himself, life is short, you need to live it appreciate it and those around you and of all things get off your ass and rip it.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Superior Single Track on Minnesota's North Shore!

Yeah, fast riding through north shore sugarbush!

The revolution has started in Tofte and Grand Marais!  Load up the bikes and hit pro designed and pro built single track on the North shore!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Images of a family gathering: Shaw Shindig 2012

Lots of deep conversation

A great place to gather: Young Otter Lodge!

Loads of critters for the kids to play with

Pan fishing!!

Crappies on a fly, always a fun combo

Ancient Shaw ritual of "breaking rocks"  Go Anna!

Umm, my kind of pizza!

Kids and caddis: Teaching Tae to fish. at age four.

Umm tasty

Whoa daddy...WHOA!

Anybody know this bug?? Sure were a lot of them on the water!

It makes me smile to think that at age four my kid is already progressing past quarter sized sun fish and moving on to 15 inch plus Smallmouth!  I am already constructing a kids fly rod out of a broken rod I have laying around in the barn to get him casting.  He has already mastered his Zebco Spider man rod and seems to have the ability to move on... we will see!

Trek World 2012: Amazing as always!

John Burke and Joe V. Talk turkey.

Another Gary Fisher suit for the photo collection!

Loads of new bikes, including the "Stache"

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dreaming of ice cream headaches and powder hangovers!

I was down in Winona visiting my grandmother the past day and a half.  It was hot.  I dont like hot.  In fact I am sick of hot and because of that, I thought it would be nice to put up some COLD pics....
Thanks again to Kim Miller and Scarpa for making these happen last winter!  Hopefully this cools some of you off...then again, it might heat some of you up!

Yeah, this is a real place.


Elmo rockin it old school

Can you see the skiers in there??  Just kidding, its about a foot long.


If I could just catch up to that guy......


Taking one for the team...tail gunner picking the meat off the bone.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tae Pic, top 25 in Clif Bar Contest

Hey folks!

If you have a second, check out this really cool fundraiser that Clif Bar is doing for not for profits.  A photo contest that donates to several outdoor oriented groups.  Right now Tae is hanging in the top 25 but just barely!  Please take a second and "share" his photo via Facebook!



Monday, August 06, 2012

Random Summer 2012 Images: Northeastern Minnesota




Found em doing file clean up.  Plenty more, if I could find the time....

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Remembering the past: The Swinging Bridge, Jay Cooke State Park

This photo was taken a week before the flood, so you can see how high the water was previously to the main event later in the month and why things progressed the way they did.

Bob King, Duluth News Tribune

Lately it has been mainly all work and no play.  At least with the camera, so I apologize for the long delays between blog posts.  I like to think that I post often enough, but just enough that at the very least the posts and the images are quality enough and worth peoples time to check out.  Then again there are only 2 or so of you out there so it should not be much of a problem!  Thanks mom!

In any case I have come to realize that I have so many killer images that never even see the light of day.  I have the hopes and dreams of a better web site with a portfolio so I can archive and allow people to see more of my A list picks, but that is a ways down the line.  Although I do think the collection is extensive enough where I could pull it off now.

In any case in digging through my files I came across a couple of images from Jay Cooke and the Swinging Bridge.  At about the same time I also saw Bob King of the Duluth News Tribunes Helicopter shot and thought that the contrast was just too good to pass up.  So hopefully the DNT does not send their lawyers after me and like I said Bob King was the maestro that took this shot!  My other bit of dirty laundry here is the shot of my buddy on his bike on the bridge.  That was decided no no when the bridge was around.  Before my days with IMBA, I would routinely ride over the bridge to access the river for fishing.  So I know this is perhaps not what the MN DNR would like to see, in reverence for the dead, I thought I would at least post it as it was always a special experience that wont happen again.

Going after early morning Smallies.  St. Louis River