Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dream vacation in Duluth!

When the sea is rough you will dock at any port

Work is over there somwhere

The shores of the Gitch

Golden Eyes in the fog
As incredible as it sounds, I spent New Years in Duluth.  Literally in Duluth as Margaret's family rented a condo at Beacon Point Resort.  We had a really good time and it was cool to be a "guest" in my own city and sort of see it from the outside.  I really enjoyed Beacon Point.  We could hear the Lake Superior waves lapping on the shore outside the window.  The extremely cold weather made for some really cool fog and the massive amount of Ducks flying by made it fun to shoot some photos too. During the day we took the kids to Spirit and they had a ton of fun and of course I was able to sneak off and blow off some steam as well!

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