Monday, January 07, 2013

Fat Bike Biathlon: Chasing Snowshoe Hares on two wheels

What's up Doc?

Be very quiet.....!

Bunny tracks

Heading to the zone

Frying and rabbits...hmm

Tough shots

Boomsticks and bicycles 

Small bullets for fast movers
So this is one post I have been wanting to do for awhile!  Random I know, but it was fun as hell.  I have hunted rabbits since I was a kid.  In the past I have used skis, I have walked or I have hunted with friends and flushed them.  Well since the snow has been so iffy and so lacking, the Fat Bike was a natural choice.  

I still own the Biathlon Rifle that my father gave me when I was interested in that sport.  The rifle is made to ride flat on your back.  So if you can ski 10km at wild assed speed you can sure as heck roll 10 miles with it on a Fat Bike!

The hunting was extremely challenging to say the least.  I would ride extremely slowly looking and watching.  Snowshoe's blend in so well that you only get one look and then you have to act.  Using a bolt action .22 adds another challenge in the fact that you only get one well placed shot to fill the stew pot.

I really enjoy taking two sports and combining them.  The results are incredibly fun and by doing both you take the regularity out of both of them and create a new experience.  I love to hunt and I love to ride and I love to be outside in the winter.  This outing had all of that for sure!


Erik said...

Awesome! I imagine an Atv type gun cradle would make a faster draw.

Vito said...

That is so damn awesome!!!! I always thought a "Fat Bike Biathlon" would be a great idea:) Chasing down snowshoe hares...priceless!!