Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Too much by half: Ray's IMBA Membership Drive 2013

Matt Slager, Riding the Bull
Too much by half.  The story of my life.  If one more is recommended than two more must be possible right?

Thursday morning, kiss the kid goodbye, jump in the rig, point it south.  Thursday afternoon and night, preach MTB gospel and talk turkey.  Friday morning, up early visit with my parents, hit the river for an amazing two hour ride in one of the last wild places in Southern, Minnesota.  Last minute kiss on my grandmothers furrowed brow and back in the cage, hurtling towards Madison.  Mad-Town.  Stop in and visit with some up and comers, listen, hear, regurgitate.....

Quiet before the storm

Camrock Cafe and Sport

Game Face
Ray's.  The metamorphosis that I wish would occur all over America.  A Menards, gutted and turned into a den for adrenaline junkies.  Kids flying around like a Jettson's episode, middle aged folks tip toeing with old age and old aged folks flying towards freedom.  Chaos of the third level, filled with smiling faces and bruised elbows.  What a way to spend a Saturday!

My drive back to Duluth
Only three days absent and I have already packed in more activity then most people do in a week, and yet I feel like I have so much to do.  Saturday night, back riding in the belly of the beast.  Only this time the beast is being attacked by killer bees.  Milwaukee to Duluth.  Launch time at 7.30pm, expected re-entry at 2.45 am.  44 balmy degrees when I left Milwaukee, -3 when I landed on my driveway.  The resulting winds with a front like that is well......exciting.  Why? Why...Why drive 8 hours straight after working and riding a full day hot on the tail of two full days of working and travel.

Tae's first skates
Smiles, happiness, hugs and laughing.  Home.  A risky drive well worth it and a job well done.  Now to recover, to get ready, for the next round.


Griff Wigley said...

Stunning photos, Hansi. And thanks much for organizing the event. It might have taken me years to get to Ray's for the first time. w00t!

Frank said...

Great write-up and beautiful photos as always Hansi. After talking to you I'm also looking forward to getting up to Duluth this year with all the work you guys have been doing!