Monday, February 11, 2013

Northwest Trail Grudge match: One pedal stroke at a time, Mississippi to Lake Superior 2013

Miles of fun
So we did it.  Eric Peterson and I rode, pushed, carried and crawled the Northwest Trail from the Mississippi River to Lake Superior.  For the past several years I have been looking for a fun, challenging and story worthy trek to do in my backyard.  A "stayventure".  Out my door (literally), long enough to be multiple days and adventurous as to have a modicum of failure involved.

Many locals know about the Northwest Trail.  This was a series of routes that led from Lake Superior to the Mississippi, the BWCA and beyond.  The Savannah Portage is part of that and it still exists, native tribes crossed it for ever, Seur Duluth crossed it in 1679 and the fur trade crossed it until the late 1800's.  It is one of the more remote parts of our state (because it is a giant swamp!) and it is an amazing place.  Eric and I rode from Big Sandy Lake, across the Portage to Floodwood, then down the St.Louis all the way to the lake.  Much of the riding was on the ice itself although deep snow changed those plans as we rode into one of the bigger snow storms of 2013.

It was an epic three days and super inspirational.  I shot a ton of really great images and the story is a good one.

Thanks to Eric for joining me on the trip, it was not one for your average person, it was one for the person that enjoys getting kicked in the head (again literally).  Look for the full post later in the week as I dig out, and dig in.

Also, thanks to all those loaned me gear for this trip, without your help I would have been sitting at home only dreaming of this adventure.

Thanks to Mike Reimer of Salsa, Mick Dodds, Todd McFadden, Dave Cizmas, Continental Ski and Bike (Bryn) and Ski Hut as well (Geezer and Fraboni) and also Elmo of Black Diamond Equipment.

Lastly total thanks to Margaret who lets me get into trouble every once in a while so I can dance with my adventurous side.

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