Tuesday, March 19, 2013

20 years of LOW: The Invisible Way on sale today!

Al, grabbing swag at OR

In 2006-2007  I had the pleasure to hang out with the Black Eyed Snakes and film a documentary about them.  It was an awesome trip.  I think all these years later I am still recovering from it (mentally and physically)!

 As part of the trip the Snakes played Salt Lake City.  It also happened to be the OR Show.  Knowing who I know, I was able to sneak them both into the show and also to get them set up for a pirate gig at the On-Snow Demo.  Super fun.  People would just stop and stare.....

Because of that relationship I was also able to meet and hang out with the rest of Al and his family and am better because of it.  I also produced a video for LOW for a song called Belarus based on time I spent with Alan and the Snakes skiing that winter.

Amazing to think that all went down.

Well today LOW (Alan's original band) comprised of Al and his wife Mimi Parker and Steve Garrington released The Invisible Way.  To rave reviews.

Totally stoked for them.

To look at their touring schedule it blows your mind.  All over the world, a show a day for many, many days in a row.

Walking down to the fetus now to show my support with my dollars!


Mark Roberts said...

Cool, I didn't know you were that involved with Low - one of my favourite bands even before living in MN. Belarus is a great song - the video takes me back to the North Woods - and the new album is great.

Loki said...

Hey Mark!

Not super involved by any means, lots more folks here in town that are a LOT more involved for sure.

I have spent some time with them though and am super stoked to see them constantly upping the bar!

Agreed one of my favorite bands for sure.