Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bell Built Grant: More Reasons to vote Copper Harbor, MORC and Brown County

Nose bleeds in the flat lands of the midwest

T-Bone threading the needle
As long as the Bell Built Voting goes on I am going to keep posting random and little used shots I have taken in Copper Harbor to keep pushing votes toward their great trail system as well as MORCs and Brown County's.

I have been shooting in Copper Harbor pretty seriously for about three years now. Not a huge amount of time compared to some of the local photographers up there.  People like Greg Maino, Steve Brimm or Aaron Peterson.

However enough time to get some decent shots and a fair amount of them.  A lot of my A-grade stuff has been used in other venues but I do have some fun B-grade stuff and I will keep pulling those out during this contest.

Another cool link to check out is this interview with Reed Smidt of MORC on Mountain Bike Radio .

Even a four year old can rip the creamy goodness of Woopidy Whoo!!

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