Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Curruptive Splendor: A blast from the past!

Being broken I have been putting more time into a couple of projects that I have been procrastinating on lately.  One of these projects requires some old photos so I have been digging into the dusty brown boxes down in the basement.  You know, the ones full of all your old photos?  The PAST?  Man it was like re-living my life, only at warp speed.

While digging I ran into this picture of me skiing in Utah.  Ironic as now here I sit, old and broken from a jump!  Wow.  This photo also emerged on Facebook recently from a friend of mine (Miah) who also found a copy in one of his old brown boxes.

Gotta love the fact that I have knee pads on, and basically ONLY knee pads.....

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