Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enduring the Six stages of injury: Pictures from an invalided athletes staggers


So here I am.  Dealing with the Six stages.

Stage one.  Euphoria.  Euphoria in that my injuries could have been way, way worse.  Shit, six weeks? Nothing, I am stoked to be walking bro!

Stage two.  Surgery.  Going under the knife.  Still happy to be alive, but now looking down the barrel of the gun.

One foot in front of the other

Stage three.  Pain.  Lots of it, but not to worried about being outside because your dealing with dealing....

Stage four.  Mobility.  What can I do?  Walk, walk a lot and oh yeah walk.  Totally determined to deal with injury holistically and as best as possible.  I can do it!!

Stage five.  Depression.  Dont EVER look at Facebook as your friends are all killing it and all over the world!

Hear ya
Stage six.  Insanity. Tentative exploration, possible forward momentum (most dangerous stage).

Home sweet home

Shuffle shuffle
Stage seven.  Back in the saddle.

I am about stage four right now and not looking forward to five, although with all the great snow I am starting to realize I am turning that corner already...

One stage at a time


Vito said...

Very nice post Hansi. I wish you well and I'm hoping that your recovery is a speedy one.

agleck7 said...

Good luck with you're recovery. I'm in stage 6 now and you captured it perfectly (especially the insanity part)

Malcolm Macaulay said...

Patience and the photographers eye and mind for the"big picture. Explore carefully and with

Victor Bachmann said...

After tearing my ACL wrestling, depression was the my most obvious stage but insanity was the toughest. It took over a year to feel comfortable on the mat. It messed with my head big time. I still cringe when I see someone fall funny.