Sunday, March 10, 2013

The gig is up: Duluth, Minnesota is mentioned in Outside Magazine April 2013

Spotted in Outside Magazine
Oh damn.

For years I prided myself in two things.  First that my town was NOT in the Outside Magazine Top 10 Dream towns. Secondly, because my job was NOT in the top Dream Jobs!

I had always assumed that the nuance of both these things would never trip the main stream outdoors persons radar.

For me Duluth is by far the most amazing outdoor place and community that I have lived in. Mainly due to its accessibility. I have lived in the west and I have lived in the east and I have lived in Europe, but Duluth (believe it or not) has been the place where I can literally step out my door and access the majority of my outdoor passions. Of course I can also afford to live here, not compete with others for space and still maintain an existence that is simple and midwestern.

However for the average reader of Outside, I have always wondered if they would get the genius of this place.

In reading the blurb, they come pretty close to capturing it.  "Runner Up Best Outdoor Adventure Hub."

The info however,  is not totally correct.  There are already nearly 40 miles of Single track in the city, with 15 miles of new trails on deck for the spring.  As to the "81 miles of running and hiking Trails" not sure where they get that.  Of course the SHT and perhaps some of the Single track were used for that figure, the reality is however that as runners and hikers there are literally hundreds of miles of trails going on in the city limits.

Outside got it half right on Spirit Mountain.  IMBA helped with one of those trails, and it is longer than 500 feet, the other trail was built by Glen Olson at Spirit, but I am sure he is not going to worry about it, who knows, maybe there will be more by next fall?

The reality is that there is a mole among us here in Duluth.  Not sure who it is, but we will need to be ever vigilant just in case, the LAST thing we need is the word getting out about this place.........and I certainly hope they dont hear about my job!

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Anonymous said...

It was in there in '07 as well....we're still OK...