Monday, April 29, 2013

Leaky waders: Trout Season 2013

Fished hard and put up wet
 SKIED into my favorite fishing spot this weekend.  That is a first.  I could have (and should have) done it much earlier but was not sure the ice was out yet.

It is on trips like this that I learn about how hard I am on gear.  If you take a look at my canoe it has some serious scratches on it (and its a year old). You handle my skis and the bases are literally scored and scarred, they look glaciated.

My fishing poles are shorter then when I bought them, because I had to replace the tips from busting them off on trees, bushes and car windows.  My bikes are no better off and certainly my camera gear has been pushed well within inches of its life and shows it.

Yup.  Not going to win any beauty contests on the gear side of things.  I used to have a buddy who was in a similar way, he would buy two Gore-Tex jackets when he had to update his rain gear.  A really cheap assed one and a really nice one.  He only wore the cheap assed one on trips, and the nice one at home or in town.  I asked him why, and he said because he KNOWS he is going to destroy the nice one on trips.  I like that.

Gear is made to be used and abused.

Well my waders are proof of all of the above.  Patched, sealed, patched again and taped.  They are begging to look like a quilting project.

After dealing with them on Sat, while wading in really, really cold water, made even colder by the snow melt I realized maybe they have had their day.  Might be time to start counting the shekels and looking for the Spring Specials....

Into the water

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