Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Duluth News Tribune "Readers View" Happy Boy Scout sings Duluth MTB Trails Praises!

We have had a lot of press on our Project in Duluth over the past two years.  Most of it editorial.

However, I was super, super stoked when I sat down, coffee in hand the other day to read the Duluth News Tribune.  Most of the paper was the normal depressing world news, but then I hit the Readers Views Page and saw this letter to the editor.

"New Duluth bike Trails are an Awesome Idea"  I HAD to read that!

This can be an extremely thankless job.  I knew that going into it.

However this letter here, it is proof that what we are doing and what I am doing in my work is hitting the right target and in the right way.  It is inspiring kids to get outside, to exercise, and to experience and value the world that they live in.

Thanks to Ryan Revoir of Boy Scout Troop 9 for more support for off road cycling moving forward!

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D Dawkins said...

That is my neighbor! Di sold him a bike this spring and he is stoked!