Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mah Da Hey Frolic: Our Medora Rest stop, heading home from Montana.


Dirt Bag Lair in the Bunkhouse...

Not a lot of slow trail in Medora
Heading for Boots
On our way back to Minnesota we were fortunate enough to swing into Medora for an overnight.  We grabbed a hotel room in a trailer (yup a trailer) and we jammed all our stuff in there and ran out for a sunset ride on the Mah Da Hey Trail right in town.

At one point, nearly a decade ago, I used to ride some "town" trails, however we could no longer locate them, if anybody knows of their location or their demise it would be cool to know.  I remember some pretty fun trails, just near the Campground etc.

In any case we caught a rare Medora day, 60 and clear, almost chilly.  It was an amazing evening polished off by heavy drinking and fun shenanigans in town.......

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