Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Overflow Pics: Copper Harbor Trails Club Delivers on Bell Grant Promise!

Looking for your own line

Found it!

IMBA Trail Guru Jason Wells!


Yin and Yang, flow versus stony chunder= Overflow
Well I am on the Keweenaw Peninsula, working with the Copper Harbor Trails Club this week.  As part of that I have had the fun of watching the final completion of the "Overflow" Trail.  This was the trail that the CHTC won the right to build via the Bell Built Competition.

Here are a few quick shots.  Not the best work I have done, but enough to give some more idea on the trail as it looks right now....

There is no doubt that CHTC has delivered on the promise and then some.  However that said, I will say that this trail is NOT for everyone.  Damn folks, this is where the big kids are going to be playing.  Big rocks, huge drops, big gaps and high speeds are where this sucka starts!  I know I will never personally ride this trail, but I am going to have one hell of a lot of fun watching some folks with the skills doing so!!!

Stoked to see who shows up and throws down on Friday night.....

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