Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Random Photo's from the Keweenaw 2013: Work and Family time in Copper Harbor.

Best part about being 5....riding in your Spider Man briefs
 It is hard for me to imagine that Labor day is not only upon us, but is now past us.  However that also means that I was able to enjoy another amazing fall week in the Keweenaw.  As it happens I have a job that has a fuzzy line between work and play and because of that I am blessed enough to spend this time in the UP.

The themes of the week were, the new Overflow DH Trail, built by IMBA, the Copper Harbor Trails club and the Bell Helmets Grant that CHTC won.  The other big themes were a LOT of heat and lot of Berries.
My graceful wife

Jason Wells "Captain Manpants" dropping on Overflow
Overflow boggled my imagination.  It is an interesting trail to see and to try and photograph.  I can say it does not give up good images easily and I will wait for much better shooters than I to really expose it and I am sure many did over the weekend.

I found it really hard to get a sense of scale, and the sense of danger that it really presents.  Pictures seem to make it look easier than it really is.  I was lucky enough to be on the scene when Jason, Nils and Elias rode many of the features for the first time and I do have some decent shots to push out in the next few days.

It was really inspiring to see these guys build something so committing and so intense and then get the guts to try it out.  They did not always stick it........
Tae and his loot.  Berries, Berries, Berries.  Three types, one hat.
The berries really were something.  You could literally grab handfuls of Thimble Berries, Bill Berries, Blue Berries, Blackberries etc.  Nuts!  Margaret, Tae and I were like a bunch of bears every day.

Favorite UP "Fishin" hole

Bday Ride, working back from High Rock Beach

Brockway in the storm

Thimble Berries
I was also able to knock out both my annual Trout Fishing episode and my Birthday Ride out to High Rock.  Both went swimmingly, however on the long Fat Bike ride I was on the bike when the hot humid storm that had been building for days finally broke.  I was literally riding in a deluge and it was so awesome!
Flow Check on Overflow.  First man down...Jason Wells

Elias, checking his work 

Getting Brickfaced at the Brickhouse Brewery 

Morning shuttle, Brockway Mountain, Copper Harbor MI
I will be starting to post pics of the actual Copper Harbor Trails Fest once I get a chance!  It was a real race this year, on all fronts!  DH on Friday, Enduro on Saturday and XC on Sunday!  Cant wait to dig into that stuff!

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Tim Ek said...

Great images Hansi and great to see you and even better to ride with you. Thanks buddy! Oh and thanks for understanding that taking a dive off of the bridges "On the Edge" is serious business.