Sunday, December 01, 2013

2014 Fat Biking conditions shaping up nicely in D-town.

Tae can never get enough snow (and the work that goes with it!)

The Back Forty

The ice is getting nice again!

Just right!

Two lonely beings crossing paths
Well its all coming together.  The ice is thickening, the temps are staying cold and the classic routes are getting safer and safer.

I hit some small but fun routes this weekend and was totally stoked on the results!

However it is looking like we are about to get slammed with a pretty solid snow storm this week which could totally change that equation.  Right now things are PERFECT for natural routes.  12 inches of snow though and your going to be pinned in to groomed routes, MTB or otherwise.  Game changer really.

I am off to hunt the might Thunder Stick season with Briggsy.  Hopefully will fill the freezer early and then head back onto the ice when I return!

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Vito said...

We are definitely missing the snow down here. I'm looking forward to heading north :)