Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Escapism Duluth Style 2014

There is always a time, every year when you live in the Duluth that you realize just how far NORTH you really live.  Down south there are green trees and flowers.  Not yet in D-town.  Winter tends to stay like an unwanted guest and yet you have to deal with it.

That all said I look forward to this time of year now due to some great events that are happening to get us through Stick season.  The Lester River Kayak Race and Homegrown Music Festival.

We talk a lot around town about how much Duluth has changed and these two events are perfect examples of that.

The Lester River Race has grown in popularity, not in participants but in spectators.  What a great way to see the city, to see the natural beauty that abounds here and also to realize the world class adventure offerings we have as a CITY.  Crazy to say, but dang, we hold a Class V Whitewater Kayak race in our City Park!
Friends watching friends beat themselves senseless!
Next drop please!
I worked a lot harder this year to get some pictures.  The easy access to the race has made it a media darling.  A ton of folks were on to both watch but also photograph the event.  While last year I had it virtually to myself, this season every third person was sprouting a lens.

That said I pushed into the "Naked Man" drop and because of that had less folks in my shots.  I was also lucky to get there early while many folks were taking their practice runs and because of that had many good shots with no spectators at all.

Naked Man
Steelhead are big this year!

The thing I love most about watching kayaking is that I paddle enough to understand what the kayakers are dealing with and that makes it all the more impressive.  I am also super stoked to see how well organized and dialed Ryan Z and his crew are at Safety.  The safety crews were so on it.  Throw bags were ready, folks were constantly watching and every angle was covered.
Z-Man dealing with the Paparazzi 
Bent Paddle here we come

 Homegrown was a similar scene on Sunday for the Mayor's proclamation and opening beer.  I have not been to every Homegrown but I was at the first and have been back to many since.  That said, the first Homegrown compared to this seasons are two completely different animals.  You would think that a Sunday night start would be a sleeper, but damn if you could even find a place to park downtown.  The opening bands were great.  More fun for me however is running into long lost friends, talking trash and enjoying the City that I live in.
All Hale the Hempen Ale!

1 of 130+ bands in D-town this week
Standing room only
The MAN and the Chicken


Sather Ekblad said...

one of my best friends in high school has gone on to produce the best soulful blog there is.....hate to use that word but there it is.

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Thanks Geef!